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Written on 20/05/2020, 14:25 by Michelle
virtual-open-day-2020We have put together a virtual tour of our school for pupils due to start with us in September and parents considering enrolments at this time.The video...
Written on 24/04/2020, 11:28 by Michelle
my-lighthouse-videoWe are so excited to be able to share this wonderful video with everyone!  The idea being to bring the RBS community together virtually at a time when we...
Written on 17/04/2020, 00:00 by Michelle
draft-admissions-policy-2021-2022The Minister for Education and Skills recently commenced certain sections of the Education Act – Admissions to Schools. All Boards of Management are...
Written on 29/03/2020, 22:29 by Michelle
home-learningPlease watch this video message to parents during Covid-19 school closures from Pairic Clerkin, CEO of the Irish Primary Principal’s Network. 'Schools...