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Vicky Carrie

The School Completion Programme has been in operation since 2002 and is a Department of Education and Science initiative that aims to have a significant positive impact on levels of pupil retention in primary and second level schools and on the numbers of pupils who successfully complete the Senior Cycle.  The School Completion Programme is based on the concept of a collaborative programme that works in partnership with community, youth and sporting organisations and with local representatives of national statutory bodies such as Community Guards, Juvenile Liaison Officers, Social Workers, Health Board personnel, Area-Based partnerships etc.

The School Completion Programme focuses heavily on local communities responding to local needs


Vicky Carrie is the School Completion Officer shared between the Redeemer schools and she provides pupils with the following:



  • In school supports delivered during school hours. They are delivered directly to targeted young people at risk of early school leaving or to whole classes, using a “whole-school” approach
  • After school supports delivered after school hours. They are frequently delivered in conjunction with other agencies and often focus on the personal and social development of young people. After school supports are directed to targeted young people at risk of early school but a whole-school approach is also utilised
  • Holiday supports delivered during holiday time, for example, midterm break, Easter and summer holidays. Holiday supports are provided to young people at risk of leaving school early in order to provide a consistent educational experience for them all year round. Holiday supports are often delivered in conjunction with other external agencies, particularly youth services
  • Out of school supports delivered to young people who have left the formal school system. The aim of these supports is to re-acquaint young people with education and learning and support them in their decision to re-enter the formal education system.

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