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Redeemer Boys’ N.S. is a Catholic school for boys between the ages of four and twelve. The school is situated on the Ecco Road, Ard Easmuinn at the edge of Dundalk town. Redeemer Boys' N.S. is included in Band 1 of the School Support Programme of Delivering Equality of Opportunity to Schools (DEIS). As a direct result of this, the school is provided with extra funding and staff. Additionally, the Redeemer parish schools share a Home School Community Liaison teacher and are involved with the School Completion Programme (SCP) initiative. 

In our school we have two special classes catering for pupils with a diagnosis of ASD. The classes are known as ‘The Orchard’.  An orchard is an area of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit trees and, as a school, we are devoted to providing the best educational provision for our pupils with ASD. Trees also symbolise our pupils and how they grow and develop maturity and character through education. Each class has six children, one class teacher and two or more Special Needs Assistants. 

The Redeemer schools have the Early Start programme operating on-site. This is the only pre-school in Dundalk which benefits from the expertise of a fully qualified teacher and SNA. Learning experiences in Early Start are further enhanced by the new early childhood curriculum framework, Aistear, which is currently being implemented by the pre-school staff.

The present school was opened in 1971 and includes ten classrooms, a computer room, an Aistear room, SET rooms, sensory room, Occupational Therapy room, offices and a multi-use hall for PE, drama, music and assemblies. The school boasts beautiful grounds, which lend themselves to environmental studies and include a large sports field and two large playgrounds. Each classroom is well resourced with books, games and whiteboards. We have a wonderful playground which can be seen from the Ecco road, running alongside it is a small sensory garden which we plan to develop over the coming years.

The teaching staff of the school is assisted by Special Needs Assistants and the ancillary staff. The total enrolment within the school is currently one hundred and six. The children who attend Redeemer Boys’ N.S. mainly come from the Redeemer parish, however, we do have a cohort of pupils who reside in the wider Dundalk area. Many past-pupils and parents who have moved outside the parish have retained strong affiliations with the school. The school has a vibrant international population with representatives from several nations among the students.

There is an Active School Council, Gaelbhratach Coiste and Green Flag School Committee which allows platforms for our children to voice their opinions and also take responsibility for caring for the school environment.

The school is situated in the Parish of the Holy Redeemer and has close links with the church, which is a short walk away from the school. Redeemer Boys’ N.S. sees itself as being at the centre of the community. It has very strong links with various community and sporting organisations, in particular, Clan na Gael G.F.C., the local GAA club, with whom many of the school’s pupils and past-pupils play. The school is proud of the strong sense of community that exists and of our caring ethos which helps to ensure a happy, safe educational environment for its pupils, teachers and parents.  

The Redeemer Parents' Association has been in existence since the earliest days of the school. They have been a constant support to the staff and students and are very much partners in both the education of their children and in the development of the school.  


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